Back Again

Hi All,

It’s been a while, but since I last posted my life has been turned upside down. I’ve renamed the blog, so read into that what you will. I’ve also taken the opportunity to change jobs, which happened in late October, so all available headspace has been devoted to coming up to speed at the new employers. It’s been quite good actually. I’ve taken on a development manager role for a company in the education sector. It’s been a very pleasant sea change from the world of consulting to the DoD. It’s the sort of place that I could picture settling down for a long period of time, but I know myself well enough to see how I feel in about 3 years. The only thing is I now have to travel to work again after about 2 years of working from home, but believe it or not, I prefer the travel. It allows me to ponder the day ahead and keep on top of the news in the morning, and ponder those problems that occurred during the day on the trip home. I’ve been finding that whatever problems I’ve had, I have been able to work out on the trip home most times. I also happen to like driving which helps :)

I just had to leave my previous company. The economic downturn added to DoD projects being frozen after the change of government meant the company was in real trouble and as a board member, I didn’t want my hands anywhere near the controls if it went down. I was geographically distanced from the the companies area of operations and was being deliberately kept in the dark by the CEO and his minions, which led to constant fighting between him and me. I was a convenient patsy for anything that went wrong, particularly in the area of generating new revenue, which wasn’t my job. I could see by the financial state of the company that they were going to have to look at downsizing before Xmas, and with me fighting with the CEO, you didn’t need to be Nostradamus to figure out that the writing was on the wall. So I had to pretend to be looking for consultancy work while looking for an out myself. Luckily I found one. It’s unfortunate, because while the company was always a basket case, it had a good heart, but over time, and the transition of personnel, it became a basket case that thought it was smarter than it actually was. And this was a trait where like attracted like and anyone else eventually got sick of it and left, and those that left like that were usually the most talented and the ones you could most ill afford to lose (I am excluding myself from this group, naturally ;) )

My experiences with them over the last 4 and a half years could certainly fill a few entries for The Daily WTF. Maybe that’s something I should do in the future :)

Anyway, I’m back and I’ll look to start posting a bit more regularly again. I’m not sure where my projects will end up, as I’ll probably be selling the house and moving soon. More to come….



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