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Yay – Holidays for me!

So yah – now that I actually have some money again, I’m in the position where going off for a brief holiday is again a fiscal possibility. I’d sort of promised myself that I would get  away for a bit once the house sold and I settled in in the new digs. So I’ve been […]

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ADSL2 Update

A quick update – yes I finally have an Internet connection that works!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!! The final follow up happened as so: ISP rang me on Friday evening to do some more tests that involved plugging in a phone and listening for noise and or dial tone. There was none. 2nd test was to type in a […]


Lurgys and Other Maladies

Just a quick update. The house settled so I have some walking around money again for the first time in forever. Not spending anything has become so second nature to me now that it’s just sitting there. I shuffled it off to a high interest account for the time being. The unpacking hasn’t gone as […]

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