New Site!

So here we all are on a new site! Yay for the internets.

A little while ago I was noticing that I had little pieces of stuff spread all over the Internet. You know the usual deally. A free blog account at WordPress. A free wiki account at wikispaces. A free web hosting account at Brinkster. Etc. So I decided in what was quite possibly a moment of madness to purchase a domain and some suitable hosting and then attempt to bring as much as possible under the same banner. So I made the purchases, had a quick look round for some free web styles and through up a basic, static homepage and promptly ignored it for a few months.

Fast forward until last weekend when I finally decided to get started. First priority was the blog, followed by the wiki. Over the life of the recording sanity blog, I had noticed that traffic to the site tended to arrive in two distinct groups. Ones that are performing some sort of XNA search, and ones that were performing general or pop culture searches. And I kinda figured that there wasn’t too much cross-over amongst those groups. I still want to talk about XNA and writing games, and I still want have the odd rant or whatever about anything that happens to catch my eye.

My answer was to split the blog into two and stick them on separate sub-domains. So the XNA, game focused blog is now at and the general ranty blog (i.e. this one) is obviously now at Stylisically I want the two blogs to be different, so I’m liking the notepad style for the XNA blog. For this one, I’m still tweaking around with it. I’m going to use this strawberry one as a base but change it to a whisky theme. A friend of mine has taken a great artsy photo of some single malts for me to use. Once I get the theme somewhat settled, I’ll try to apply the similar theme to the homepage (and any subsequent web pages)  as well as the wiki. (



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