Labour Day Weekend

Had a massive weekend with some visiting buddies over the Labour Day long weekend that finished with a really nice surprise.

My old mate Goober was over from the City of Churches and he brought with him a relative from Europe doing the touring thing. Using that as an angle we were able to talk our way into the ‘invite only’ function room at the local footballer’s pub. This was obviously where all the beautiful people were hanging out!

I was a little surprised to see 3 or 4 women wearing some sort of fur waistcoat / vest / jacket arrangement. I’m sure it was a faux fur of some description, but I thought that was still frowned upon in these enlightened times?

So on Sunday I took them around doing a little bit of touristy stuff. You know the routine: Brunch in Acland St, something sweet from one of the Acland cake shops, photos of Luna Park and The Palais, a wander through the street market and the along the esplanade, a beer in the Espy, a wander along Fitzroy St and finally a tram ride into the CBD for a look around there. After some more looking around, many photos and a feed at Southbank the desire was to find a pub with some live music, so I recommended The Espy again.

I checked out the website to see who was playing but didn’t recognise any names. When we got there a kind of South American folk style band was on which provided a good backdrop to drink some beers to. They finished up at about 10pm from memory. Now at The Espy I’m used to them changing bands in the front bar after about 20-30 minutes of downtime but on Sunday it was past 11 and still no one.

We were entertained briefly by a top shelf scrag fight out the front though. Pretty serious, the bouncers struggled to keep them apart. Of course then their blokes got involved and by this point the bouncers had lost their sense of humour and threw the lot of them out. Of course of the offenders thought they were being treated most unfairly and started videoing the bouncers on their phones. And then the police arrived. Three cars of them! Not sure that was needed, must’ve been a quiet night elsewhere? Anyway it killed some time and we got to explain what a ‘scrag fight’ was to our European visitor. And this is why you never park right out the front of a pub. Because at one point there were three people fighting on the bonnet of a parked car!

Come 11:15 pm and I’m getting a bit shirty. We decide to buy one last jug and if no one was playing by the time we finished it, we’d head elsewhere. We just sat back down and announced is “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage; Ross Wilson!” I’m like “WTF? Did they just say Ross Wilson?” I stand up and sure enough it’s him. Playing a free gig in the front bar. Seemingly unannounced. Awesome.

Such a bonus to be just sitting in a pub drinking some beers on a Sunday night and getting to see an Aussie Rock Legend putting on a show. Especially when you’ve got out of town visitors with you. Awesome!

A crappy picture of Ross Wilson playing Eagle Rock

Here’s a pretty crap pic taken with my iPhone of Ross playing Eagle Rock. Smile

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