The Kindle Concept–An Australian Perspective

I wrote this a while ago as a reply to a guy asking about the Kindle Fire. I had no thoughts about that, but I did have some on the Kindle process as a whole. So I thought I’d repost it here for you!


This doesn’t answer your questions on the device per se, but more about the Kindle process re books. Hopefully it’s still a tiny bit helpful. Smile

Short Version

Because of Kindle, I feel I may very well be done with physical books.

Long Version

I don’t own a Kindle Fire, I have an iPad. Around Christmas I installed the Kindle app on it. Can’t remember why. Not important.

Purchasing books in this part of the world is a colossal pain in the arse. If you buy locally you totally get screwed on price. i.e. you pay at least twice as much as you would on Amazon or Book Depository. Online purchase from the same outlets is the same price mostly. As such, to the surprise of no one other than the retail sector, stores such as Borders, Angus & Robertson, etc. are going (gone) broke.

So we Aussies are buying more and more stuff online and having it shipped from the UK or US. So my stuff takes ages to get here. A week or two. But now Aust Post is whinging about the increased volume of international parcels they have to process. Coupled with political pressure that online overseas shopping is a bad thing and people have been experiencing delivery times of 4 weeks and more instead.

The Kindle software registers itself with your Amazon account. I browse the site for a book I’m after. Not entirely sure it’s what I’m after, I click send the sample chapter to my device. Bing. The chapter is on my iPad. I read the chapter. Yes I’d like to buy this. I one click buy. Bing. The whole book is on my iPad and I’m reading. In seconds. For cheap.

This may not seem like a big deal to those in the US but for me, down here, to go from online book browsing to holding the thing in my hand and reading it (legally) in seconds while still getting the cheapo online, overseas price is about the sexiest thing on the planet.

I read a lot. Always have. And the Kindle infrastructure has changed the way I do it.

I’m not sure if this is any help whatsoever, but for those who are still reading, Thanks!

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