About Me

So what’s the story with this blog? Why is it here, What does it mean and why can’t I keep my thoughts to myself like a normal person?

I guess first, a bit about me. I’m an Australian male in my mid thirties, married, no children, one cat. I like to think I work in the software industry, but in truth my career is probably at some sort of cross road. My current job has had me drift further and further from the software creation process to where I am supposed to spend the majority of my time doing Business Development – or to give it it’s non-wankery name – Sales. Now anybody who knows me will realise that sales and me go together about as well as bleach and chlorine, so I’m becoming a bit weary of the situation.

As suggested by the name, I decided to start this blog while my wife is was “off saving the world”. Where she is off to and what she is saving it from I cannot say, but she is going to be away for some time. So I figured I’m going to need various things to occupy my time outside of work and I may as well keep a bit of a journal of my thoughts on the whole catastrophe. Also, my professional existence has been quite isolated for the past 18 months, and if I must be honest with myself, my writing skills have quite probably atrophied in that time. So I figured this is as good a way as any to polish ‘em up.

And the last point of discussion is why I am using the web log as my preferred medium of choice rather than a diary or legal pad or exercise book. The idea of keeping a journal of my thoughts in a diary or similar sort of thing seemed a bit too teenage girly for me. Next thing you know I would be writing poetry and leaving angsty comments in the margins, and we cannot under any circumstances have that. The idea that I would write stuff down certain in the knowledge that nobody would actually read it seemed, well, kind of lame to me. Now I know the likelihood of anybody actually reading this is practically nonexistent, but I can delude myself into thinking that I have potentially billions (note I am using the US definition of billion rather than the Australian one as it results in a larger number) of readers. And if I can’t delude myself, then who can I delude?

So that is why I’ve decided to subject the good people of the internet to my poorly constructed, ignorant and quite probably drunken rants. I’m going to attempt to post every few days (if I say it out loud then it is more likely to happen). Oh my god was the posting frequency idea the biggest load of bollocks ever.

I wrote this about me in August 2009, and we’re now in November 2009. This is what has changed:

  • I changed jobs, and I’m back in a pure software management role in the education sector,
  • The wife’s gone and she took the cat with her. I really miss the cat.
  • The house and other house have both been sold and I moved into a rental in St. Kilda
  • I’ve started doing game development in XNA. It started off as a fun way of maintaining my C# and .NET skills, but I’ve got more and more into it as time has progressed. I’d now like to get to the level where I feel I could publish a game through the XBox Live Indie Games channel.

The second half of 2009 has been pretty tough to get through mentally (a bit of history there) , but I’m starting to feel as if the sun is shining again. For the first time in months, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.